Flytying, Flyfishing and Artwork




John Carpenter


I was introduced to fly fishing by my father at the early age of 7.  We spent a lot of time in and around the saltwater marshes of Matagorda Texas fishing just about every weekend; we were fortunate enough to have a weekend home there.  I dabbled in fly tying a bit through my late teens, but never really got serious about it until the early 1990’s. Now my daughter’s got involved and I enjoy teaching her everything I know and seeing her progress thru the years.

I’ve tied and tried so many types of flies – you know how that goes.  Anything “new” or re-discovered that comes along…I must tie it.  A new material?  I feel the need to use it.  The latest bizarre pattern that caught the only hard-earned fish on a given trip…of course it is copied, placed into the fly box, and readied for future use.  It’s a bit of an addiction, perhaps.  Fly Tyer’s Anonymous would have huge membership, no doubt!

Though I now tend to specialize in saltwater patterns, the mood to tie other styles often strikes and I love tying them.  I’m enthused by all of it, bored by none of it.  It’s all good and challenging.

So I have always worked at tying a wide range of flies.  It’s ever challenging, and it keeps my mind fresh and engaged.  I love tying both classic saltwater and realistic flies and any and all of the latest and greatest patterns to fill my fly boxes.

I love passing along what has been shared with me or what I have learned. I have, demonstrated at shows great and small, contributed flies to various websites, been fortunate to have some flies published in books, and generally work to better my skills and understanding of our great craft/vocation/passion constantly.  But I’m just a fly tyer.  And I’d like to share some resources, thoughts, and ideas with everyone. That’s why I created this site.